Volume 10, Numéro 1, Pages 508-522

L'organisation Des Interactions Verbales, Cas Des Exposés En Classe De Langue à L'université

Auteurs : Soltani Souhila .


The learning of a language in the classroom is accomplished from the realization of communication skills during specific educational activities. It is expected that language skills, discursive, interactional, but also organizational are achieved (CECR 2001). However, if the skills seem to follow the degree of difficulty according to the level of study of the learner, the organizational criterion seems more problematic when the learner is expected to speak in public. The observation of learners at the university (during their performance of the activity of the presentation) reflects a discomfort that is observed during public speaking. The oral activity ends up contracting in favor of speeches prepared and learned by heart A most problematic situation that calls into question the putting into perspective of the communicative approach in language class.

Mots clés

interactions verbales - exposés en classe - langue à l'université