Volume 10, Numéro 1, Pages 490-501

Arlequin Valet De Deux Maîtres Ou L'adaptation D'arlecchino Servitore Di Due Padroni De Goldoni Par A. Alloula

Auteurs : Ouanezar Amel .


Arlequin servant of two masters by Abdelkader Alloula is a free- translation and adaptation of Arlecchino servitore due padroni of Carlo Goldoni The play was adapted in 1993, a date which marks a tragic phase in the history of Algeria. With this play, the author of The Generous wanted to offer young Algerians a moment of entertainment on the one hand and introduce them to the world of literature on the other. The present article focuses primarily on the context of adaptation. It is a reflection on the choice of the play but also and especially on its kind, to know the Commedia dell'arte. Is the latter a continuity of a popular culture and narrative forms that represent the fundamentals of Abdelkader Alloula's plays?

Mots clés

Commedia dell'arte - free adaptation — translation - popular culture.