Volume 10, Numéro 1, Pages 363-374

Les Pratiques Hypertextuelles Dans Léon L'africain De A Min Maalouf.

Auteurs : Lazreg Lakhdar .


Among the literary writings of the author Amin Maalouf, the novel Léon lAfricain, his first text, published by LATTER is an imaginary autobiography of writing that represents, while denouncing the fragmentation of a society based on the principle of the communities of the protagonists who cannot opt for a common policy preserving the space of the disintegration, the cultural practices of the degradation of Lebanon. The story tells the story of the character Hassan al-Wazzan who became Leo the African. The first trip this character takes to outside the city of Fez, the city of the split, is a discovery of extrinsic causes to the city that intervene in its dissolution. Hypertextualprocesses such as satire, pastiche, and burlesque travesty adopted by writing at this stage of the narrative of the movement, denounce these cultural practices that dedicate the space to the fragmentation to excess and the disappearance of a cosmopolitan culture.

Mots clés

initial journey - imaginary autobiography - hypertextual practices - crumbling-disappearing.