Volume 10, Numéro 1, Pages 347-362

Néologiser Pour Communiquer L'information Dans La Presse écrite Algérienne D'expression Française. Le Cas De La Chronique « Tranche De Vie » Du Journal Le « Quotidien D'oran »

Auteurs : Lasheb Mohammed .


Lexical creativity that characterizesjournalistic discourse not only allows to combat language's deficits in various situations but also to meet the basic needs for renewing and updating vocabulary range. By language needs or for esthetic reasons, the neologism enriches the language permanently in spite of its uncertain and unpredictable process. All indications are that the French-speaking Algerian print media is not a way of dissemination that permits empowerment of such creations. However, their spread depends on their use in order to stabilize them. Indeed, the strength of the use and the frequent re-use of the neologism by the members of linguistic community guarantee its official integration in the language.

Mots clés

Néologismes, discours journalistique, lexicalisation, culture, environnement discursif.