Volume 10, Numéro 1, Pages 271-282

The Lexical Approach In The Efl Classroom: A General Overview

Authors : Chibani Safia .


This paper summarizes the theoretical research related to the Lexical Approach which came about in reaction to former teaching approaches by providing a major rethink to the role of lexis in the EFL classroom. It addresses four main points: the theoretical background of this approach highlighting its rise into prominence and the main tenets it is founded upon as stated by its founder Michael Lewis (1993), also the different categories into which lexical chunks fall as they are the building blocks of this approach. In addition, it provides a general and brief outline about the Lexical syllabus and its classification. Finally, it brings to the fore the pedagogical importance of the Lexical Approach and its relevance to language teaching and learning whilst scrutinizing its limitations


Lexical Approach, lexis, chunks, collocations, fluency.