Volume 10, Numéro 1, Pages 246-253

La Variation Scripturale Chez Les étudiants En Informatique De Gestion. Approche Quantitative.

Auteurs : Boutoub Hakima .


The higher education of the scientific fields in Algeria is provided by French language, while the students have access into it by having pursuing a formation in Arabic language since the primary level up to secondary one. Indeed, the studies in management computing are supplied in French, what caused a failure for the majority of the students according to the teachers of the field, much more to the paper which represents a handicap for the Algerian student who relies on the respect for the grammatical norm. From this perspective, we will try through a written corpus collected within the department of the management computing of the University of Tissemsilt, to analyze the linguistic practices of these students in term of scriptural variation.

Mots clés

variation — writing — spelling — quantitative approach — management computing.