Volume 10, Numéro 1, Pages 191-206

L'univers Mythique Dans Les Sens Interdits De Mourad Djebel

Auteurs : Beneddra Mohammed Rachid .


The present study purpose an enunciative analysis in order to found aspects of the Greek mythology in the first MouradDjebel's novel, The Prohibited Directions, 2001. We know that the Greek mythology have always inspired the novelistic writing through many myths as the Homère's. Adapted in theatre, the Homeric myth was parodied before having symbolically reproduced by MouradDjebel in his novel through a recurrent metaphor. This interlacement between the epic and the novel makes appear a discourse about human alienation in an "out of time" representation. Therefore, it exists a close relationship between the Greek mythology and painting, we should say, of the real world in the novelistic writing. There is also an influence of the ancient writing on the modern writing as the MouradDjebel's in which one we found mythic characteristics. This novelist situates the quest of his principal fictional character from various readings of the Greek mythology. Finally, the situation of enunciation in the novel represents the socio-political context of Algeria in 1988. From that reason, our problematic is: if the Algerian author is impregnated with myth, should it be an algerianisation of the Greek myth?

Mots clés

the Greek mythology, reading the myth, the algerianisation of the myth.