IMAGO Interculturalité et Didactique
Volume 2, Numéro 1, Pages 69-80

The Dynamics Of Continuity And Change

Authors : Barkaoui Miloud .


The proliferation of American Studies Institutions and conferences through the World stands out as testimony to the increasing interest of multi-national academics in the American "organismic" quiddity in the prospect of an American-tutored, unipolar world. The magnetism of the idea of an American "exceptionalism" that is largely nurtured by both "real" and "mythic" dimensions, emerges as a province whereupon antithetical vision is projected. The proposed paper looks into the unremitting debate between the "Declinist" and "Renewalist" schools of thought over the real position of the United States in the age of globalism. Using a gamut of documentary materials ranging from statistical evidence to opinion polls, to surveys, and to findings of some futuristic studies. The paper weighs up the arguments and counter-arguments advanced by either party Understanding the essence of such a debate will certainly help elucidate the underpinnings that lie behind the rather impressive magnitude American Studies are now enjoying both within the United States and outside it.


American Studies - dynamics- continuity - change - globalism -