IMAGO Interculturalité et Didactique
Volume 10, Numéro 1, Pages 84-92

Teaching English For Specific Purposes In Administrative Sciences

Authors : Aouni Belaïd . Benabadji Souhila .


The Administrative Sciences Field (ASF) was developed under certain conditions and with some specific characteristics. Although the ASF is different on several aspects compared to the other scientific fields such as physics and chemistry, it can be comparable to these fields on the sociological aspect. The contextual characteristics of ASF, which represent in our opinion a sociological phenomenon, have major impacts on the modes of production and validation of knowledge as well as on the field's structure. The major characteristic of the ASF is the multidisciplinary aspect of its members as they are coming from diverse disciplines such as mathematics, physics, industrial engineering, economics, sociology, psychology and anthropology.


English, ESP, Administrative, ASF