IMAGO Interculturalité et Didactique
Volume 12, Numéro 1, Pages 41-49

Using Portfolios For Assessment Purposes: Practice Through Researching Practice

Authors : Djebbari Zakia .


It seems that no act is complete until it has been evaluated and criticized by others, thus; in order to develop professional competencies of teacher educators, attention should be turned towards some key assessing areas within the teaching and learning contexts. Based on the assumption that portfolios are rapidly gaining momentous popularity because of its ability to promote development of higher-order skills such as reflection, critical analysis and self-evaluation in students, our main aim in the present paper is to shed light on using portfolios for assessment purposes in our educational settings. However, to be effective, both students and instructors need to be very clear about the purpose of the learning portfolios and the underlying principles, as well as the key process in portfolio development. Hence, clear guidelines on portfolio development need to be fixed, yet opening the door for originality and creativity of students. It is also very important to consider this process as a continuous dialogue between students and instructors.


Portfolios, assessment, learning outcomes, reflection, self- evaluation