revue algerienne des études sociologiques
Volume 3, Numéro 4, Pages 11-34

التوقف عن ادمان المخدرات وأثره على نوعية الحياة - دراسة تطبيقية

الكاتب : حسين عمر الخزاعي . عبد العالي دبلة .


This study aims to investigated the effect of drug addiction Abstinence Syndrome and its effects on the quality of life, the researcher used the comprehensive social survey methodology, questioned the stopped addicted people after completing the treatment in the hospitals which accounted (203).The results of this study include the the following founding: 1- the percent of male stopped addicted more than female, and singles were most of the addicted people, nearly third-forty of the stopped addicted people their ages 25-39 years. And most of them their education were less than secondary school. Also the incomes of the stopped addicted people were high. Nearly thirty-forty of them working in private sector and free business. 2- the most important problem challenge the stopped addicted people during the drug taking period were family problems, rejection, neglected from the family And friends, and isolation the increase the level of social participated, follow by learning undesired social behaviors ( stealing, lying, fraud, and piracy), also the economic problems were represent as debt cumulated, sold of assets, leaving the job, unemployment, and bankruptcy. 3- the most important aspect of progress in the life style after drug stopped representing as family stability, enhance in children education level, enhance in children health, social acceptance. As to economic dimension the progressive were as debt paid, aspiration of spending money, and self-reliance of save family assets

الكلمات المفتاحية

Addiction, Drug Abstinence Syndrome, Quality of life