revue des politiques economiques
Volume 6, Numéro 1, Pages 1-17

Diversification Of Non-oil Economy -diversification Of Non-oil Economy - Emergency Plan For The Acceleration Of Economic Growth In Algeria

Authors : Nadira Bessouh .


Diversification of non-oil economy in Algeria has become an essential dimension of its development policy because it has been confirmed that excessive dependence on natural resources carries risks. Moreover, ending Algeria’s dependency on oil could be achieved by investing in new non-oil industrial sectors. The strategic vision for the industry in Algeria should be fully modernized in order to adapt to the demands and expectations of the global economy, and to the opportunities it offers as well. Indeed, Algeria must reorient its investments from the extensive model to the intensive model, focusing more on generative investments, innovation and modernization of the productive system. For this, our study attempts to present the methods and means to be used to diversify the Algerian economy while putting at the heart of the analysis the necessary industrial diversification, investment, restructuration of industry and innovation. The major challenge of boosting economic growth through industrial diversification is the essence of the present communication.


Potentialities- Industrial diversification- Economic growth- Algeria.

The Impact Of Shadow Economy On Non-oil Gdp Growth: In Algeria From 1991 To 2017.

Bennihi Aymen Salah .  Bouriche Lahcene . 
pages 495-512.