Algerian Journal of Signals and Systems
Volume 3, Numéro 2, Pages 54-64

Sensorless Speed And Reactive Power Control Of A Double-feed Induction Generator Using Adaptive Observer In Wind Turbine Power Plant

Authors : Boumalha Noureddine . Kouchih Djilali . Boucherit Mohamed Seghir .


This work presents a new method for the synthesis of a sensorless speed and reactive power control applied to a wind turbine system based to a Doubly Fed Induction Generator (DFIG). The proposed method based on adaptive observers: The rotor speed is adapted using adaptation mechanisms. Stability analysis based on Lyapunov theory is used to guarantee the stability of the observer. To verify the consistency of the proposed approach. We will be interested in the study of vector control based on the synthesis of classical controllers. Simulation results provided with the MATLAB/SIMULINK environment show the consistency of the proposed approaches.


sensorless vector control, wind turbine, doubly fed induction generator, adaptive observer