Revue des sciences et sciences de l’ingénieur
Volume 6, Numéro 2, Pages 10-17

Study And Mitigation Of Ac Corrosion On Pipelines Nearby The Hv Power Lines

Authors : Babaghayou Fatiha . Zegnini Boubakeur . Seghier Tahar .


HV power lines induce an AC, this latter causes corrosion damages on adjacent metallic structures. As a consequence, the petroleum companies do confront serious corrosion problems of the underground pipelines nearby HV power lines, even where pipelines are protected by an insulation coating and the cathodic protection (CP). Therefore, we conducted a study, which we can summarise in three points. To begin with, we did a theoretical analysis to explain the fundamental mechanisms of AC corrosion. Afterwards, we did an experimental investigation on a laboratory model, to realise electrochemical tests on a pipeline steel sample. Then, as we found that the AC corrosion numerical simulation study is minimal in the electrochemical and the electrical fields, we did further numerical simulation studies. This latter contains the study of the electrochemical reactions of the corrosion phenomena such as anodic process and cathodic process; i.e. the iron oxidation and the reduction of both the oxygen and the hydrogen. We have also simulated the CP, the AC corrosion and the pipeline sample deformation. At last, to solve this problem, we developed a monitoring and correction program for optimising the AC corrosion. In this article, we represented the obtained experimental and numerical simulation results. In addition, we want also to mention the original and personal added values in both studies.


AC induced by HV; AC corrosion; immunity zone; reference potential; cathodic protection

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