Revue d’études archéologiques
Volume 16, Numéro 1, Pages 342-354

Museums In Qatar: Educational Role In Twenty-first Century

Authors : Al-mulla Mariam .


In this article I address the focus of museum sectors in Doha, Qatar, in their educational role. The role can be linked to the opening of the Education Centre (EC) at the Museum of Islamic Art in 10 October 2009 and the opening of Msherib Museums in 20 October 2015 six years after the EC. This focus aims to enhance the relationship between museums and communities in Doha, in which museums endeavour to make of themselves educational institutions. The MIA and Msheirb museums both belong to different organisations in Qatar. While the MIA runs by Qatar Museums, Msheirb museums run by Msheireb Properties. However, their visions following similar direction, which is inspiring people's imaginations and minds of Qatar's past, present and future.


Msheirb museums, role of museums Education, Qatari Heritage, Museum of Islamic Art