La revue de la Communication et du Journalisme
Volume 5, Numéro 1, Pages 37-49

La Didactisation Du Discours Médiatique : Le Cas Du Discours Argumentatif Radiophonique En Langue Amazighe

Auteurs : Amari Samira .


Abstract The teaching of the Amazigh language requires exploiting all the possible oral or written resources to develop content which is adapted to the expectations and interests of students. The controversial media discourse that is an authentic source of reference provides an opportunity for the student to approach the argued information presented in its complexity. In this present work, we will try to identify the different characteristics of the Amazigh radio genres so as to think about its didactisation. Key words -- -Discursive analysis –Didactic sequence –Gender approaches

Mots clés

Radio speech ; Argumentative genre ; Discursive analysis ; Didactic sequence ; Gender approaches