Algerian Journal of Signals and Systems
Volume 2, Numéro 3, Pages 162-179

A Review On Data Communication In Smart Grids

Authors : Saoud Afaf . Recioui Abdelmadjid .


Smart Grids require a complex two-way communication infrastructure, sustaining power flows between intelligent components, and sophisticated computing and information technologies, as well as business applications. Data will flow over generation, transmission, distribution, and user networks in the SG. The amount of data generated by smart devices will experience explosive growth in the future. This tremendous data amount places considerable load on the communications infrastructure of the SG. This paper highlights a review on the smart grid focusing on the communication infrastructure and the data issues. A scan of the most contributions relevant to the topic is presented. The key opportunities and challenges of the communication part of the smart grid are presented for further research.


smart grids, communications, data, PMU, WAMC, smart metering, big data management