Timsal n Tamazight
Volume 5, Numéro 2, Pages 232-251

Problem Of Terminology Of The Arabic Language: The Arabic Language And The Translation Of Emotive Expressions Into English

Authors : Sekhri Ouided .


It is known that the translation of emotive expressions is one of the most challenging areas to deal with because of the particular importance they carry either in themselves or in the context they are entrenched in. In fact, the Arabic language is famous for its eloquence, expressiveness, clarity, richness, and emotiveness above all. For the sake of knowing what problems translators face during the process of translating between English and Arabic, this study sheds light on the way translators should look at emotive expressions in order to find the main source of emotiveness. The ambition behind this study is trying to find where areas of difficulty of translating emotiveness may occur. It focuses on the strategies used in translating emotive expressions, especially those related to the meaning and musicality of poetry, in order to reach a good product in the target language.The significance of this paper is to try to find whether there are problems when translating emotive expressions from Arabic into English.


Arabic language, translation, translation strategies, emotiveness, translatability.