Revue Finance & marchés
Volume 5, Numéro 2, Pages 240-259

: Socially Responsible Investment(sri) In Algeria: A Choice Or Necessity?.

Authors : Hamdani Mehieddine . Mezioud Brahim .


Abstract : This study aims to shed light on the reality of the practice socially responsible investment (SRI) in the Algerian, and the extent of awareness of managers and directors of the concept of socially responsible investment and the extent of its application and the degree of adoption in the Algerian corporations which have to respond to society’s pressure on companies for their irresponsible actions toward the societal and environmental values that ultimately become a cost or a constraint to the realize the corporation's goals, which are the socity's ones. There are financial and non-financial factors that are used to better understand the potential impact on the evaluation of a company and its long-term value, which became known as the Socially responsible investment which is closely linked to corporate social responsibility (CSR) which allows investors to identify, to check and to invest in companies that meet CSR standards..


Keywords: Socially Responsible Investment (SRI), Ethical Investment(EI), Corporate social responsibily(CSR) ; responsible finance