Recherches psychologiques et educatives
Volume 9, Numéro 4, Pages 107-120

الاستراتيجيات الارشادية النفسية للأطفال ذوي صعوبات التعلم

الكاتب : براهمية سميرة .


Children with learning difficulties are classified among those of special needs as they differ from their –ordinary- peers the characteristics of the psychological and social and cognitive necessitate providing special services to help them to adapt and to overcome the difficulties which cause the low level of educational attainment. The researchers and those interested in the field of special education in the care of children with learning difficulties the beginning of the development of the knowledge-side not only through the preparation of educational programs and curricula, then headed interesting psychological aspect, especially after the studies proved that they, as well as academic problems facing psychological problems and social confirmed Wallace and Gerald Wallace &Upon (1999) that students with learning difficulties show a decline in the concept of self-reliance, withdrawal and isolation, aggression, concern, frustration and a kinesthetic activity in excess …etc. These are problems that may arise in children with learning difficulties have a serious impact on the mental health of the disorder in family relationships and even with his companions, they also constitute an impediment to their psychological and social leading to the formation of the personality together does not serve the interest of the community. Hence the importance of the psychological guidance in the care of this category to provide indicative programs strongly with educational programs, in order to help them overcome their problems both seminar or psychological through the adoption of a general strategy for services guidelines and benchmarks, considering that this gives them the opportunity to acquire the skills and knowledge to help them access to adapt. It should be noted that the extension process be through comprehensive programs are not limited to the child only, but also parents and the family as a whole as well as teachers to achieve the objectives of the program guide and access to effective treatment. We will highlight this presentation to some of the problems with learning difficulties from defined according to their own characteristics, then we have to what the psychological guidance category and what strategies or methods used to guide is a central precept which some proposals that can be useful in providing care for them.

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: learning difficulties-The counseling strategies psychological- psychological guidance