Volume 17, Numéro 1, Pages 57-66

Inventory Of The Lichen Flora Of The National Park Of El Kala In Northeastern Algeria

Authors : Fadel Djamel . Djamai Rachid . Laïfa Aziz . Boughambouz Ilhem .


The national park of El Kala (Algerian North east) is characterized by its genetic bio-diversity, so our work was carried on the evolution of lichenic flora in the three different zones: coastal, sub-coastal and mountains. We have used licheno-sociological combined method from the partial and integral classic method. 114 taxa have been counted with a particular abundance marked in the mountainous zone (representative species: Lobaria pulmonaria (L. Hoffm). Sub-coastal zone where the main phorophyte is Quercus suber (L.) is characterised by a crustaceous lichenic flora represented by the Lecanora kind. In the coastal zone, the representative phorophyte is Pinus pinaster (Ait.) with a dominance of crustaceous species (Candelariella).Of a global manner, lichenic flora in question has sub-cosmopolitan origin; its spatio-temporal follow-up is imperative notably in studies of impact and the bio-indication of the pollution.


Bio-diversity; Lichen; National Park of El Kala - northeastern Algeria.

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