Journal of Advanced Research in Science and Technology
Volume 5, Numéro 2, Pages 818-828

Contribution To The Geotechnical Study And Estimation For Differential Settlements Of Mila Region Soils (north-east Algeria)

Authors : Khellaf Khoudir . Hamimed Messaoud .


This work presents the geotechnical study to part of Mila region (Algeria); case of Marechou site which forms the southern extension of Mila city. It’s characterized by steep slope terrains and clayey nature belonging to Mio-Plio-Quaternary age. These trainings constitute seat of lot geotechnical problems such as differential settlements, who’s engenders damages in the constructions. This study has done to contribute and to solve this problems. Therefore, we have preceded chemical analysis, petrographic analysis according to the model of Czerminski and geotechnical study by analysis of various parameters. The results of chemical and petrographic analysis shows marl, clay and sometimes sandy soils predominantly low aggressiveness. The geotechnical analyzes have shown that these soils are medium clays with very saturated steep, slightly moist to moist, more or less compact and belong to three main families of clay minerals (montmorillonite, kaolinite and illite). The lithological nature (clays and marls) and morphology of land as well the presence of groundwater are the main factors in triggering ground movements, including differential settlements which present major risks. The combination of geological, morphological and geotechnical data allowed emphasizing the favorable and unfavorable areas to construction. The introduction of protection techniques against these risks is highly


Geotechnical analysis, Petrographic analysis, Differential settlements, Mila, Algeria