Journal of Advanced Research in Science and Technology
Volume 5, Numéro 2, Pages 804-810

Influence Of The Altitude In The Diametric Distribution Of The Quercus Suber In The Northwest Of Tunisia.

Authors : Jdaidi Nouri .


The cork oak occupies a special place in the Mediterranean forest. In Tunisia, it is fairly represented in the Northwest (70000 ha), especially in the Ain Draham and Tabarka areas [3]. It is restricted to acid surrounding conditions with a mild climate and plays a very important ecological role, this way insuring the installation of a fairly diverse flora whole branched out enough floral and wildlife procession. It insures also a significant socio-economic role for the rural population which lived in this zone and adds to the national economy through the production and the export of cork. Going through a great made by people pressure, and a perfect worsening of the medium with the effect direct of the climatic change, the forests of oak cork are unable to grow again it naturally. So, and according to the variance analysis of the effect of height on the diametric structure of cork oak, one noted more than height decrease, more than the density of diameter's classes of cork oak is very significant and more there is chance to find young seedlings resulting from natural regeneration. These results show that the density of cork oak differs within the same height classes, this difference can be the result of the effect of factors environmental


Tunisia ; cork oak ; altitude ; diameter classes