Volume 4, Numéro 1, Pages 5-9

Effet De La Saison D’agnelage Sur La Mortalité Des Agneaux Chez Les Races Ovines Ouled Djellal Et Taâdmit élevées Dans Le Nord-est D’algérie

Auteurs : Benyounes A. . Rezaiguia M. . Lamrani F. .


The objective of this work was to evaluate the mortality rates of Ouled Djellal and Taâdmit lambs reared in the same breeding conditions. The study was conducted in the region of Souk Ahras, Northeast part of Algeria -36° 14' north latitude, 10° 7' east longitude-. It involved 252 births which occurred between October and February, 191 lambs were offspring of Ouled Djellal ewes and 61 lambs were from Taâdmit ewes. Thus, all the ewes were coupled by Ouled Djellal rams. The animals were housed en sheepfold and their diet was based on seasonal forage, supplemented by barley grain. The lambing has occurred between 07 October and 28 February for Ouled Djellal and 08 October and 28 February for Taâdmit breeds. For this purpose, were recorded birth day, the number of ewes, litter size, sex and birth weight of lambs. Similarly, all the mortalities which occurred at birth and between birth and at the age of 3 months were noted. Lamb mortality was satisfactory, although not significantly, in the Ouled Djellal breed group, both during the first week (4.19 vs 11.48 %) and during the three months of age (5.76 vs 14.75 %) (P > 0.05).

Mots clés

Ouled Djellal, Taâdmit, lamb mortality, season of lambing, Algeria.

Etude Génétique De Deux Populations Ovines {hamra Et Ouled-djellal): ~ Caractérisation Par Les Microsatellites

Gaouar S. .  Moazami-goudarzi K. .  Tabet-aouel N. .  Derrar A. .  Ait-yahia R. .  Boushaba N. .  Aouissat M. .  Dhimi L. .  Saidi-mehtar N. . 
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