Volume 6, Numéro 2, Pages 89-93

Simulation De La Production De Deux Cultivars De Palmier Dattier De L'algérie: Deglet-nour Et Litima

Authors : Atallaoui , Khaled . Benmelhaia Radhouane . Simozrag Ahmed .


Our work is based on architectural description of the reproductive part of two date palm cultivars (Phoenix dactylifera L.) grown in Algeria. The observations were carried out at the Wilaya of Biskra; both varieties are studied (Deglet Nour and Litima). The modeling was done by applying the MOCAF protocol (Modeling of Growth, Architecture and flowering), which is based on metric and geometric parameters of reproductive part, to allow 3D simulation and realistic models. Measurements of stalk are based on the length of peduncle, spikelet (both sterile and fertile parts) and fruit, still characterized by the angle of deployment peduncle with insertion angles spikelets on the rachis and fruit on spikelet. We found a special character for the Deglet Nour morphotype, which is characterized by very long spikelets with large sterile part, with a fruit insertion angle close to 90°. These measures give us an architectural simulation of the reproductive organ of each cultivar which is very near to the reality.


Modeling, production dates, Phoenix dactylifera L., Algeria.