Volume 6, Numéro 2, Pages 67-73

The Role Of Honeybees In Apple Pollination And The Harm Of Honey Weeds On This Pollination In The Northeast Of Tlemcen (northwest Of Algeria).

Auteurs : Hattab Mourad . Boudaoued Sidi Ahmed . Kazi Tani Choukri .


Modern agriculture use techniques more and more sophisticated which tend to exclude it from natural conditions and to shield it from its hazards. If the input of fertilisers, the application of pesticidal treatments or the use of improved seeds are justified, the pollination by honeybees on the other hand, is no doubt the technique of which is difficult to appreciate the importance correctly by farmers in the region of Bensekrane, department of Tlemcen. The experimentation we have done on an apple orchard showed on the one hand, that the effect of entomophilous pollination by honeybees, on free branches, was particularly significant on the rate of fruit set (12 % to 30 %), compared to that on branches underveil (6,5 % to 17 %) ; and on the other hand, that there was competition on this pollination exerted by surrounding honey weeds (aloss of 3 % of the fruit set). These results show, the role of bee pollination on the increase of apple yield, and the justification of the fight against weeds.

Mots clés

Tlemcen, apple orchard, pollination, honeybees, fruit set, honey weeds.