les cahiers du mecas
Volume 14, Numéro 1, Pages 97-108

Impact Of Culture Via Rooting Variables On The Sweet Nostalgia And Bitter Nostalgia

Authors : Borsali Awicha Amina . Benhabib Abderrezak .


The aims of this article are to test the relationship between the variables of rooting (attachment to the native country, cultural attachment and language) and the two nostalgic characters (soft / bitter). The quantitative study was conducted on a sample of 101 expatriate consumers to our variables. The statistical results of the logistic regression show that: attachment to the home country influences soft nostalgia, cultural attachment influences soft nostalgia, and language influences soft nostalgia. It also shows that our study involves relationships that are more gentle than bitter towards nostalgia. This article helps to improve the understanding of nostalgia in the marketing register or retromarketing by understanding the needs of expatriate consumers. Our results can also be used as a segmentation criterion and group expatriates according to the similarities of their behavior. This study is a new approach in the field of nostalgia, it responds to Holbrook's call for intercultural research. The interest of our study is primarily theoretical; indeed, we validate the literature that has been made on nostalgia. But we also show the managerial impacts. Regarding the positioning of nostalgic brands in relation to the expatriate segment


Attachment ; Culture ; Expatriates ; Rooting ; Nostalgia