les cahiers du mecas
Volume 14, Numéro 1, Pages 52-61

Regions Efficiency And Spatial Disparities: Case Study From Algerian Regions

Authors : Idrissi Mokhtar . Souar Youcef .


The aims of this paper is to evaluate Algerian region’s efficiency through the use of one of econometrics methods specialized to evaluate efficiency , which leads to evaluate the work and efforts of local governments to enhance economic growth of regions and improve the economic and social development indicators. The paper studies the efficiency of Algerian regions through a group of indicators like input and output which indicate the level of health and education services in each region.by Using the DEA method especially the output oriented model for regions efficiency evaluation. The main results that have been obtained by this study and through the selected sample show that some regions are efficient either technical efficiency or scale efficiency .some regions did not achieve efficiency neither technical nor scale efficiency. According to CCR model the average of technical efficiency reached to 83.9%.while for the BCC Model the scale efficiency reached to 94.7%. This result reflects the existing of disparity between Algerian regions which urges that local governments reduces them.


.Keywords: spatial disparity; regional efficiency ; economic development