Volume 10, Numéro 2, Pages 23-33

الاحتراق النفسي لدى ممرضي الاستعجلات الطبية و الجراحية دراسة ميداني بالمستشفى لمين دباغين

الكاتب : زقعار فتحي . بلاش صليحة . بو معالي شهيناز .


The nursing profession is an absolute source of stress, because of the emotional and emotional demands that the nurse faces daily in the hospital, in his behavior with an entourage made up of patients, doctors and managers. The persistence of stress and its accumulation cause the burnout of the nurse. In this study, we attempt to investigate and identify burnout among 56 nurses who work alternately in the medical and surgical emergency department of the Bab El-Oued University Hospital. We will try to verify the differences in the average levels of burnout among nurses in medical emergencies, according to gender, work experience and work-study variables. We applied the Maslash Burnout Inventory (MBI) to verify our hypothesis and the SPSS system for statistical analysis for data processing.

الكلمات المفتاحية

professional burnout ; nurse; medical and surgical emergency.