Volume 6, Numéro 1, Pages 25-31

Protein Complementary Food System Associated To The Systematic Vaccination And Deparazitation Of Goats In The Rainy Season In The Central Africa Savanna Zone (north-cameroon).

Auteurs : Mfewou A. . Njoya A. . Poutougnigni Y. .


In the Central Africa soudano-sahelien zone (North-Cameroon), the farmers leave their small ruminants in claustration during the rainy season to avoid the destruction of peasants’crops and conflicts between the farmers and cattle rearers. Indeed, during the rainy season feed such as graminees and legumes; are abundant. The farmer-breeder is often obliged to feed these herds in compartments every day.During the claustration life time, it was observed that the small ruminants lost weight, diarrhea become more and more abundant and mortality rate is around 30%. Therefore, in 2001, we conducted a study in the peasant milieu under the theme: “Effect of protein complementation associated or not to the vermifugation of goats in North-Cameroon in the rainy season”. Thus, three homogeneous lots of average live weight of 19.68, 19.98 and 19.49 Kg (P> 0.05) were made each of them having 5 herds, ranging in size between 59 and 72 animals. The following treatment was applied randomly to each lot: Lot A: protein supplement associated with prophylaxis; Lot B: protein supplement without prophylaxis; Lot C: (control) without protein supplement and prophylaxis. It appears that the weight of the animals have evolved from 19.68 ± 6.6 to 21.62 ± 7,3kg for lot A; 19.98 ± 7.5 to 18.65 ± 6.1 kg for lot B and 19.49 ± 7.8 to 18.01 ± 5.9 kg for the control (lot C). But whatever the lot, it is observed a drop in weight after a month of testing. The results of this study have confirmed the efficacy of protein supplementation in association with an internal parasite. These results are now well valued at farm level. However, several constraints as the availability of cottonseed meal and its high cost and the control of animal feeding in claustration, limit the applicability of this approach in some farmers condition.

Mots clés

Goat, deparazitation, protein complementation, rainy season, Savanna of Central Africa, vaccination, valorization.