Volume 6, Numéro 1, Pages 19-24

Honey Consumption Behaviors In Algeria: Survey And Expectations

Auteurs : Haderbache L. . Mohammedi A. .


This work attempts to paint a picture of Algerian beekeeping, perception of the Algerian honey consumer, expectations and preferences, in the current context. A consumer survey was engaged in a population of 800 respondents (questionnaire) in 20 wilayates. The results show that the Algerian consumes about 0.200 kg / year / h, these consumption levels remain very low, giving the honey an insignificant part of the diet compared to all its benefits. The local consumer considers honey as medicine, he prefers dark, liquids, packed in glass jars honeys, but it is in total confusion when he purchase it; therefore, he bye it in informal channels counting on trusting relationships or turns to imported honeys present in shops, without being sure about their quality.

Mots clés

Algeria, honey, investigation, consumption.