Volume 5, Numéro 1, Pages 12-19

Etude Physico-chimique Et évaluation De L’’activité Antibactérienne Des Huiles Essentielles De La Sarriette Des Montagnes Vis-à-vis Des Bactéri Es Isolées Des Infections Urinaires

Auteurs : Arab K . Bouchenak O . Yahiaoui K .


Essential oils have significant antimicrobial activities and can successfully replace antibiotics that show their inefficiencies against resistant microorganisms (Jonkers, 1999). The objective of this study is to develop the use of essential oil of savory mountains to struggle against urinary tract infections. The extraction is carried out by hydrodistillation. Analysis of essential oils is performed by GC / MS. The antibacterial activity is highlighted by the diffusion on agar medium method. The results showed that the essential oil of savory mountains is liquid pale yellow colored, having an aromatic odor, fresh and camphor and chemotype carvacrol (20.85%). Moreover, aromatogram indicates a very important activity of this essential oil on the growth of bacteria isolated from urinary tract infection. The MIC obtained for all the strains tested is that of the crude extract, with a value of 0.1 g / l. In view of these results, the essential oil of savory mountains seems to be appropriate to treat urinary tract infections.

Mots clés

Essential oil, savory mountains, hydrodistillation, aromatogram, GC/MS.