the use of power point presentations to motivate in first year secondary school students to learn english | ASJP

مجلة البحوث التربوية والتعليمية
Volume 6, Numéro 1, Pages 239-254

The Use Of Power Point Presentations To Motivate In First Year Secondary School Students To Learn English

Authors : Mania Mallem.


This study attempts to motivate First year pupils to learn English through the use of one of the ICT’s (Information and Communication Technologies), Power Point Presentations, in the process of teaching and learning English in secondary schools. In order to achieve the objectives of our study effectively, first, we have adopted the experimental design; a pre and post tests are used with two groups (70 students) selected randomly from the whole population of Oued Taga first year secondary school students (210). This sample is divided into two groups of 35 students in each. They are taught using power point presentations of some selected items in their units using projectors for a period of 60 hours in 20 weeks, and then we have analyzed and measured students’ marks in English. Second, we have utilized three questionnaires, two for EFL teacher in secondary schools and one for first year secondary school scientific stream students. SPSS24 is employed to code and analyse data using t-test for paired samples. The obtained results revealed the effectiveness of teaching via Power Point Presentations, but still some learners prefer the traditional way of learning.


ICT’s (Information and Communication Technologies); Motivation to learn Power Point Presentations, Teaching English in secondary schools