Sciences & technologie. C, Biotechnologies
Volume 0, Numéro 24, Pages 7-12

Effect Of N Fertilization On Storage Protein And Some Amino Acid Quantities Of Two Tunisian Barley Varieties Differing In Their Degrees Of Adaptation To Environmental Conditions

Authors : Bettaieb-ben Kaab L . Rahmoune C . Lauriere M . Ben Naceur M .


Two Tunisian barley varieties, Martin and Rihane, differing in degrees of adaptation to environmental conditions, were grown under different treatments of nitrogen (N) fertilization. Total nitrogen content increased when intensifying N supply whereas grain and albumen weights decreased. Effect of N fertilization on storage protein components (expressed in mg per albumen) was determined by Nu-PAGE electrophoresis system using the MOBS running buffer and densitometry analysis. The effect of N supply on the change of B-hordein fraction and some amino acids (AA) particularly the cysteine, implicates in disulfide bonds of protein aggregates, was discussed in relation to different degrees of adaptability to environmental conditions which characterize each barley variety.


Barley- B-hordeins- cysteine- adaptability-N-fertilization.