Volume 14, Numéro 4, Pages 93-105

New Modified Green-ampt Models To Calculate Water Flux Via Unsaturated Layers, Case Of Sidi Slimane River (algeria)

Authors : Ali Rahmani S.e. . Chibane B. . Hallouz F. . Boutelba A. . Aiachi N. .


Calculation of infiltration is important to understand the water movement in soils layers for two main objectives 1) to establish the hydrological water budget for water resources planning and management 2) to study the migration of pollutants via the unsaturated zone. This study was focused on the water flux movement via the unsaturated zone based on a traditional Green-Ampt model. This experiment was realized in the river of Sidi Slimane located at 300 km south of the capital of Algeria (Algiers). Eight soils profiles was studied along the two bank of the river, however a very important results was obtained it show reduction of the water movement of water across soils layers in the direction East-West because of the soils textures variation, these results are confirmed by the chloride mass balance method.


Infiltration; Green-Ampt model; Chloride mass balance, Sidi Slimane River.