Volume 14, Numéro 2, Pages 239-252

Bio-evaluation Of Water Quality Of The Middle Sebou By Application Of Biotic Indexes

Authors : Abbou F. . Fahde A. .


Sebou is the most important river flowing into the Atlantic. Its basin knows a very developed industrial activity, as well as an important domestic and agricultural activity; hence the need to assess the quality of its waters. The intensification of these activities generates important pollution causing global habitat degradation and rarefaction and mortality of the biocenosis. An evaluation of water quality of the middle Sebou by biotic indexes founded on the study of macroinvertebrates has been done and the values of the Normalized Global Biological Index, and the Biological Monitoring Working Party ranked the water of the majority of the studied sites into the category of poor to very poor quality water. These indexes are good biological tracers of the water quality and indicators of even insidious pollution.


Sebou, water quality, biotic index, pollution.