Volume 14, Numéro 1, Pages 323-340

Hydraulic Jumps In A Straight Rectangular Compound Channel: Theoretical Approach And Experimental Study

Authors : Benabdesselam A . Achour B . Houichi L .


In this paper, theoretical developments, regarding the establishment of dimensionless relationships for sequent depths ratio and relative energy loss of hydraulic jumps are achieved in a straight rectangular compound channel. These relationships were given with and without consideration of a volume force Fx, which is assimilated by analogy to Borda-Carnot’s expression. The Experiment was carried out with three different values of the width ratio τy. For each τy ratio, several values of inflow Froude number were considered according to the five inflow ratio depths’ values τz. The experiments proved the validity of the proposed theoretical relationships. The study showed the need to consider the force Fx when the ratio τy reaches the value of 0.5. It reveals also the practical usefulness of the compound channel in terms of energy dissipation capability compared to the rectangular channel.


compound channel; depth ratio; energy dissipation; hydraulic jump; volume force; width ratio.