Volume 11, Numéro 2, Pages 93-105

The Foggara Of Kenadsa (algeria )

Authors : Remini Boualem . Rezoug C . Chour Bachir .


For more than seven centuries, the farmers of oasis of Kendsa, exploit the groundwater of Barga El Jebel by the using of subterranean drains. On the basis of missions in 2013 in the oasis of Kenadsa, forty Foggaras were dug on the outskirts of the El Barga Mountain. Today, there is only ten Foggaras a few liters per minute of flow rate. Contrary to the Foggaras of Touat of length of ten kilometers, the Foggaras of Kenadsa presents a gallery of ten meters. The sharing of water of the Foggaras of Kenadsa occurs by turns is to say, per unit of time. In this case, the irrigation is carried out in series. The contribution of pumps in the oasis of Kenadsa greatly influenced the degradation of traditional hydraulic system.


Oasis, Kenadsa, Foggara, Water, Palm Grove