Volume 10, Numéro 4, Pages 85-95

The Foggaras Of In Salah (algeria ): The Forgotten Heritage

Authors : Remini Boualem . Achour Bachir .


In this article we treat for the first time the foggaras of the region of In Salah. The mission in the region and surveys near the ksourienne population showed that the In Salah foggaras are dug in the southern outskirts of the Tadmait plateau to capture the waters of the Albian aquifer which is approaches the ground. The distribution of the water of the foggaras obeys of the volumetric law. Farmers receive their water units at the same time; the irrigation shall proceed in parallel. Because of economic and environmental problems, these traditional techniques are regressing and may disappear in the short term. On a number of 104 foggaras dug in the oasis: In Salah, In Ghar Foggaret Ezzoua, Foggaret El Arab Sahela Foukania, Sahela Tahtania, Igostene, Hainoune and El Barka, there are only 30 foggaras in service, but with a discharge very low. To save what remains of the hydraulic heritage, a rehabilitation plan is required in the short term.


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