Journal of New Technology and Materials
Volume 8, Numéro 1, Pages 15-21

Evolution Of A Synthetic Fluid From Water Extract From Fermented Ground Maize (wefgm) As An Alternative To Water-based Cutting Fluids: Properties Analysis

Authors : Yusuf Taofeek .


Relevant properties of synthetic fluid samples formulated using deionized water, Water Extract from Fermented Ground Maize (WEFGM) and deionized WEFGM as base fluids at 5 and 10%vol additives have been evaluated. The pH value of all the samples lies between 1.01-1.41 with WEFGM being the least acidic. All samples have a boiling point ranging between 140-152℃ with the highest value found with Deionized WEFGM and WEFGM at different additive levels. The density of the samples ranges between 928-1008 kg/m3 with the highest found with WEFGM and deionized WEFGM at different additive levels. The viscosity of the samples ranges from (17.5-18.9) and (10.8-15.4)x10-3 m2/s at 30 and 60 rpm respectively with the lowest found with deionized WEFGM at both additive levels. The fluid samples in order of decreasing specific heat capacity (SHC) are Deionized WEFGM (-2553.52, -2422.19), WEFGM (-2659.32, -2572.99) and Deionized Water (-2751.12, -2589.51) J/kg/K at (5, 10) %vol additive levels respectively. With lower acidity, higher density, lower viscosity and higher SHC, WEFGM has properties superior to water as a base fluid for synthetic fluids.


WEFGM; Synthetic fluids; Metalworking