Volume 3, Numéro 2, Pages 1-4

Facteurs Influençant La Croissance Des Agneaux Dans Le Nord Est Algérien

Auteurs : Bendiab Nesrine . Dekhili Mohamed .


The present study concerned 747 females of sheep and 33 lambs. The objective of this study was to explain the factors influencing the growth variables: birth weight (PN), weight in one month (P1), weight in two month (P2), weight in three month (P3), weight in four month (P4). The factors tested are : the flock of sheep, sex of lambs, mode of birth, month and season of birth. Statistical analyses show that the flock of sheep and mode of birth had a significant effect (p<0.001) on all variables. The weight of lambs are : 3.78kg at birth, 9.14kg zt 1 month, 12.89 at the second month, 15.99 at 3rd month and 20.13 at the 4th months. With the average daily gains: 158.31g/d; 124.12g/d; 103.78g/d; 137.14g/d and 134.59g/d from birth to 4 month age.

Mots clés

weight; growth; lambs; average daily gain