Volume 3, Numéro 1, Pages 1-9

Flock‘s Sheep Discrimination In Sétif Area Of Algeria

Auteurs : Belaib Issam . Dekhili Mohamed .


This investigation is about the sheep’s morphologically characterization which has concerned thirty traits (eighteen quantitative and twelve ordinals) and was done in the area of Sétif (Algeria). Data were analyzed using a discriminate analysis; the aim was to identify the most discriminate traits, rate of distinction between flocks and to describe morphologically the flocks under investigation. The results of analysis of variance showed a large differences between flocks, a wide diversity between and within flocks, sites and zones. The factorial discriminate analysis revealed, that the descriptors which allow differentiation between rams: the back height, chest‘s tower, ear length and the ischions’s width for the first axis. The neck length, back height, chest‘s tower and the ischions’s width for the second axis. For the ewes, the descriptors of the best differentiation are: the sacrum height, chest’s depth and the head length for the first axis. The chest‘s tower, the head length, chest’s depth and the sacrum height for the second axis. Flocks were different from each other and the correct classification for rams was 50.2 % and 37.8% for the ewes.

Mots clés

Discrimination, Sheep, Flocks, Distinction, Discriminate traits, Breed with standard, Sheep’s populations.