Volume 1, Numéro 0, Pages 1-7

Fertilité Des élevages Ovins Type « Hodna » Menés En Extensif Dans La Région De Sétif

Auteurs : Dekhili Mohamed .


The main purpose of this investigation was to test the effect of five main effects, which are season of mating, ewe age, flock, sex and type of birth of the lamb. Five traits of the reproductive performances of the ewe were analyzed. The experimental materiel was composed of 18 flocks from coming from Setif area. The effect of each main effect varied from trait to trait, although the most important variation came from the flock’s effect, which is mainly explained by a biological reaction of the ewes according to location. The least means square observed for each trait were low according to the results obtained by many authors. This situation, could be improved if a better attention is reserved to sheep in this area and in Algeria as well.

Mots clés

Fertility, Ouled-Djellal, Extensif, Viability, Prolificity, Fecondity, Rate of Numerical Productivity per ewe joined, rate of Weight of lambs weaned per ewe joined.