Al Athar مجلة الأثـــــــــــــــر
Volume 12, Numéro 17, Pages 73-96

مقدمة القصيدة في شعر ابن الأبار القضاعي بين النمطية والتنوع

الكاتب : لقمان شاكر .


Introduction to the poetry of Ibn El Abar Alqdai Between stereotypes and Diversity. Intervention provided in Arabic poetry in the context of talking about the Arab parts of the poem in general, which was prepared by Ibn Qutaiba Aldeanori who is considered as the first to point to its grammar, describing the grammar that ought to be through this approach. The researcher will try to give a picture, almost a comprehensive introduction in the poetry of the Andalusian Ibn AlAbar Alqdai ( 595h 658 h) And its overlap between the typical usual sh ـ ape of old poets. And between diversity and mitigate some of them, the position of artistic expression is attributed to the poet. or a so required occasion in line with the conditions or environment of the Andalusian era. Stating all kind of length and the palace, and the reference to the predominance of each other.

الكلمات المفتاحية

Ibn El Abar Alqdai,Ibn Qutaiba Aldeanori,Typical,Diversity