Al Athar مجلة الأثـــــــــــــــر
Volume 12, Numéro 18, Pages 1-9

الجفاء الرومانسي في Romantic Dryness In T.s. Eliot’s “the Waste Land” قصيدء الأرض اليباب ل ت.س اليوت

Authors : Bellour Leila .


This study deals with the romantic affinity that is closely related to gender in the "Elib Elib" poem by TS Eliot through the analysis of personal relationships in the famous poem "The Land of Ruins" of the modern era, which expresses the rupture of romantic relationships. Love and affection are impossible. Like the marriage of heaven with fire, the inhabitants of the "land of the ibex" suffer from a deep sense of introversion and isolation. They lack the hope to extend the roots of communication, to meet the other side with indifference and lack of interest, living in a confined subjective world that favors isolation from external reality. Forms the The axis that revolves in the poem's orbit, that the loved ones have overcome the paralysis and sleep, they have lost the ability to communicate and the possibility of exchange of feelings and the sharing of feelings, they have fallen into an internal world devoid of love and romance. In fact, the land of Elib is a psychological state stemming from the total breakdown of relations with others. The relations in the poem show the deterioration of values ​​and the separation of relations and the absence of love and the breakdown of marriage, and therefore the emotional separation has become imposed on the individual in modern times.


The hypnosis,The land of the ibex,The land of the ibex,The land of ruin