La Revue des Sciences Commerciales
Volume 17, Numéro 1, Pages 67-78

The Impact Of Customer Relationship Management On Customer Behavior -case Study Of Ooredoo For Telecommunications

Authors : Hadj Aissa Sid Ahmed . Thabit Hassan Thabit . Hanniche Hadj .


This paper aims to determine the nature of the relationship between the dimensions of the Customer Relationship Management (Interactive communication, the service provided, and dealing with complaints) and the customer behavior (satisfaction and repurchasing) The descriptive and analytical approaches were used by the researchers, the researchers used the descriptive approach by using the academic references to clarify the terms theoretically, and they used the analytical approach by making sample survey and analyzing the results statistically. The researchers designed a questionnaire to discover the influential relationship between CRM and customer behavior (for the customers of Ooredoo for telecommunications. The researchers concluded in this research many outcomes and the most significant one was CRM has become very important in providing the organization with a significant market share in its competitive market. The main recommendation of the researchers was the need to pay attention to customers by conducting researches for studying the customer behaviors constantly to know their aspirations and desires and identify them effectively.


CRM; Customer behaivors; Ooredoo telecomunications; Customer satistfication.