El-Tawassol" التواصل"
Volume 17, Numéro 1, Pages 48-60

The Politics Of Inscription And Transgression In Pierre Loti’s Au Maroc

Authors : Mokrani Barkaoui Selma .


Morocco and its Imperial Fez, considered by most historians and travellers the Maghreb’s most prestigious depository of Islamic civilization, has inspired Pierre Loti with a sense of the impenetrable, the infinitely mysterious and spiritual. To him, Fez is “la vieille ville étrange, ”“la ville… qui paraît si maussade et si noire,” which adamantly remains beyond the frame of representation. Loti, whose journeying typology ultimately ends in return, tries to grapple with the difficulty of imagining the Other and with the impossibility of a sensitive understanding and cultural deciphering of the local codes and customs. This study attempts to locate Loti’s Au Maroc (1890) within the discursive configuration of inscription and transgression as a politics of representation.


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