Al Athar مجلة الأثـــــــــــــــر
Volume 14, Numéro 22, Pages 69-76

مكانة النثر العربي في الاحتجاج اللغوي ومقارنته بالشعر

الكاتب : عياض محمد رضا . جلايلي أحمد .


Arabic grammar has emerged along with its roots and proofs from which it is extracted. One of the main pillars the Arabic Grammar has relied upon is the Holy Quran with its various recitations both frequent and abnormal then the prophetic Hadith and last the Arabs ‘sayings in all its forms: Poetry and prose. Poetry has been the main source of citation and as it has this great impact upon the Arabs as well as its features which makes it fertile material to extract the linguistic rules phonetic,morphological, syntactic or semantic. Grammarians have not focused on the prose ,a speech that is not rhymed, in their citation for the following reasons: The Arabs did see that the high prestigious eloquent speech is said in poem which in its turn a good source for the grammarian. Since the prose is the language of the daily use, it becomes more exposed to omission, redundancy and imperfection as it focuses only in maintaining contact and communication. Prose texts were most altered and distorted and the corpuses are not enough compared to the poetic texts though a lot is lost; the main part is kept. For all these reasons , prose texts are not used a lot in citation , the poetry has the lion’s portion in the grammatical citations.

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