Al Athar مجلة الأثـــــــــــــــر
Volume 14, Numéro 23, Pages 13-20

De La Conception Encyclopédique Du Nom De Personnage Romanesque à L’autre Intertextuelle Cas : « Llaz » Dans Le Privilège Du Phénix De Yasmina Khadra Et « As » Dans L’as De Tahar Ouettar

Auteurs : Marir Asma .


In this search we are going to give a comparative study between two literary scripts Le privilège du phénix and L'As for the tow Algerians novelists Mohamed Moulessehoul and Tahar Ouettar. On the light of the characters names, their originals, and their meaning till we reach the repeated character that exists the field of complexity between intersexuality and dialogism of scripts within two novels to prove that name is necessary as a value and a symbol shows to identify the personality and the relation to this culture.

Mots clés

characters names, their originals, and their meaning-intertexuality-names-identity