Al Athar مجلة الأثـــــــــــــــر
Volume 15, Numéro 24, Pages 229-242

The Arabic Language And The Calls For Lightening Betweenoriginality And The Ambition For Modernity La Langue Arabe Et Les Appels Pour La Péréquation Entre Originalité Et Modernisme للغة العربية و دعوات التيسير بين واقع التأصيل و طموح الحداثة

الكاتب : مسيلي وردة .


Grammar is one of the Most important pillars of the standard Arabic. Due to its intellectual richness , it promotes it to a higher pragmatic degrees because of its communicative nature which is very needed among persons. Because of its vital necessity in both communication and speech or language , a large group of linguists do not stop calling for keeping the ancient methods and the modernization of these methods in the same time through which other syllabus and methods are reinforced. This study intends to put a spot light on the movement and the efforts of the lightening of grammar which is considered

الكلمات المفتاحية

Arabic Language, Lightening, originality, modernity